Ambient Intelligence is a healthcare technology company founded in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  We create seamlessly integrated systems of hardware and software for a variety of healthcare environments. Look for our first product and pilots, coming soon.

Who we are

Brian Bradley Johnson, CEO
Nash Lincoln, Technical Co-Founder, Techlead
Anthony Dann, COO
Valentine Royzenfeld, Director of IT
Paul Hinz, Director of Business
Kevin Roberg-Perez, Bioinformatician
Samuel Prabhakar, Engineering Advisor
Greg Shultz, Creative Director
Chris Carlisle, Gray Plant Mooty, Legal
Tim Hokanson, Board of Directors
Frank Kiesner, Board of Directors

Dan Palmquist, MD
Gratia Johnson, RN
Callie Leichty, RN, BSN, PHN
Christa Rymal, RN
Karl Palmquist, NAR
Lauren Palmquist, RN

Technology Advisors
Brian W. Morris

Tamar Ribnick, HGA, Architecture Advisor