Improving health outcomes with technology.

Interoperable cloud technology and patient generated health data are changing how we approach healthcare.  New medicare reimbursements incentivise patients, providers, and payers to evolve from episodic care to continuous care.  Developing new ways of data exchange that break down siloed walls of patient data and are weighted at 25% in CPT code 99091.

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Patient Generated Health Data

The use and sharing of PGHD supplement existing clinical data, filling in gaps in information and providing a more comprehensive picture of ongoing patient health.

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Google Healthcare Cloud

For many healthcare organizations, data is housed across disparate sources and modalities, making it nearly impossible to gain holistic insights around patients. Google Cloud helps providers tackle their data interoperability challenges, and healthcare organizations realize the full potential of their data with data management solutions.

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Ambient2050 Project

The Ambient 2050 Project is a prediction: By 2050 all healthcare data will be stored and computed by cloud technology.  Predictive algorithms, data science, and eventually Artificial Intelligence will augment the health of all humans in every country.  We have a plan to pilot technology that is developed in Minneapolis to Nigeria.

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Ambient Intelligence is a healthcare technology company founded in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  We create seamlessly integrated systems of hardware and software for a variety of healthcare environments. Look for our first product and pilots, coming soon.

Who we are

Brian Bradley Johnson, CEO
Paul Hinz, Director of Business
Valentine Royzenfeld, Director of IT
Kevin Roberg-Perez, Bioinformatician
Samuel Prabhakar, Engineering Advisor
Greg Shultz, Creative Director
Chris Carlisle, Gray Plant Mooty, Legal
Tim Hokanson, Board of Directors
Frank Kiesner, Board of Directors

Dan Palmquist, MD
Gratia Johnson, RN
Callie Leichty, RN, BSN, PHN
Christa Rymal, RN
Karl Palmquist, NAR
Lauren Palmquist, RN

Technology Advisors
Brian W. Morris

Tamar Ribnick, HGA, Architecture Advisor


Several healthcare facilities in Minneapolis have agreed to pilot the Ambient Intelligence technology is currently developing.  For more information send an email to b@ambient2050.com

Investments & Information

For information on seed investments, pilot programs, collaborations, and anything else medtech startup related, send us a message.

Improving health outcomes with technology.



1. AggregateData

Google Healthcare Cloud


2. Continuous Patient Generated Health Data

Real-time Automatic Notifications for Nurses and Administrators


3. Analyze, & predict future outcomes

AmbientOS platform connects patients, providers, and payers through HL7 + FHIR

Technology and Security Features

Constant Heartrate Monitoring

Fall Detection

Sleep Monitoring


Google AutoML Video Intelligence

HIPPA, ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, CSA Star, HITRUST CSF


Bluetooth Low Energy


Respiratory Rate

Analytics and machine learning

More info coming soon

Modular Software

For a variety of healthcare facility configurations.






Skilled Nursing


Home Health Care


Memory Care, Dementia, Alzheimer’s